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North Shore Oahu, Hawaii, November 2015

Here are some pictures from our latest trip to Oahu. In general, it was a great trip. What made it special was that on Nov. 19th was my birthday. This was the first time ever I celebrated it down south! Enjoy:)

Almost the end of May…

Hi All,

Have not written here in a long time. It has been a busy month. Lots of work, plus the weather is getting better – more time spent outside. Bought a bicycle, now try to bike at least a couple of times a week on the sea wall. But the most exciting thing that happened recently is that I have booked my trip to Mexico! Counting days:)
Unfortunately, I do not have any cool pictures on my laptop at the moment. Will try to post something later!

Stay tuned!

Waiting for the flight to Warsaw.

First half of my travel to Ukraine is behind me. Yesterday I arrived to Heathrow International airport in the late afternoon. My initial plan was to leave my stuff at the hotel I booked ahead of time and then go to the city centre  right away. But when I got to the hotel I felt severe jet lag. I decided to take a short nap, but it became a four hours sleep. I woke up at around 8 pm and  decided to go to London downtown no matter what. The underground train, which I paid 12 return, took me right to the Green Park station. This station is located the closest to the Buckingham Palace. Unfortunately, the weather was not very pleasant for exploring the city nor taking photos. Cold and rainy…  Oh well, at least I saw the palace:) The Queen was home, the flag was up and lights were on:)

Just announced that the boarding is starting! See you next time rainy London!


My upcoming trip

Tomorrow my trip begins. I am flying out of YVR to Heathrow, stay there overnight, and then on to Warsaw. Quick stop there and my final destination will be the city of Lviv, Ukraine. The city I was born in. I have not been there in a while; a lot of things have changed there, especially in the politics and economy. War between the country and Russia, massive devaluation of their currency. Very curious to see how it is there now. I will keep you up to date and will try to post pictures too:)